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Updated: Aug 3, 2023

In June we said a huge thank you to the wonderful people who have helped us to buy our onsite defibrillator and staff training package. Thanks to Steve Kerry, Brock Hoaran and Lawrence Killip from Thorn Racing Syndicate and thanks to the Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust for the funding that you have all provided which has helped us to make Endeavour a safer place. Our members are shown here with Lawrence Killip who came to view the fitted device. The machine was supplied by and our thanks go to Vivienne who helped Endeavour to get the most suitable machine and the best price!

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Endeavour Woodcrafts CIC is very grateful to have received funding from Ferryhill Town Mayor Curtis Bihari and Town Councillors Carole Atkinson and Joe Makepeace from their Members Initiative Funds.

We used the funds to buy 2 chromebooks, a printer, 2 pc mouse and mats as well as an internet booster to allow our service users to practice and improve their PC skills.

Thank you so much to all involved.

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Endeavour Woodcrafts CIC is now registered with @easyuk, so over 7,000 brands will now donate to us for FREE every time you use @easyuk to shop with them.

It is a very simple and easy to do set up following the link above and you can of course opt out at any time and the offer not to donate is offered every time you shop on line with a merchant who offers the easyfundraiser facilitiy.

We are hoping to raise funds to start a deaf community workshop and would be grateful for any help thank you.

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