We offer our day service to adults in the County Durham area, providing training in woodwork in a real manufacturing environment. Individuals are involved in all aspects of the manufacturing and selling process, learning new skills and also developing life and social skills.
The principles of co-operative such as equality, inclusion, the right to have a say, speaking up, sharing skills and ideas and being valued as an individual and part of a team are an integral part of the working day and the mainstay of the business. Through incorporating these principles along with on-going training and education for everyone within Endeavour, we aim to ensure that we deliver a positive, safe and welcoming environment for our service users to thrive as individuals.
We offer placements on a commissioned basis or through Direct Payments. Clients can secure a placement via their care coordinator or coming to us directly. We are flexible to suit client's needs and we can provide an array of care packages to accommodate most individuals.

Inclusion   Dignity  Trust   Develop  Train   Support   Reflect   Engage   Independence   Rely   Inform    Learn   Adapt   Promote   Achieve   Explore   Deliver   Enable  Aim   Live   Positive   Planning   Confidence   Build   Dream   Aspire   Safe  Encouragement   Journey   Challenges   Believe